Lifting Sea provides software development services, with substantial experience shipping and launching commercial applications in C++, Ruby, Python, Java, .Net, Javascript, and their frameworks and stacks on all common platforms.

Software Development Services

Lifting Sea brings experience from years of global Fortune 500 consulting in engineering and manufacturing problem solving and reliability, in the Aerospace, Electronics, and Automotive sectors, to the Software sector.

In addition to software engineering, design and reliability services, we offer strong problem solving, management, and executive experience to Lifting Sea clients.


The average software development experience for Lifting Sea developers is over 23 years. To that depth, we also bring the skills, background, education and consulting experience from the fields of engineering, management, mathematics and physics.

We've developed software to evaluate measurement systems and design statistical experiments, to read, write, and transpose sheet music, to augment music education, to diagnose health issues, to manage document workflows, and to connect airline passengers with internet, cell phone, and news services. And we can help you with your project.


We've built commercial grade applications in many languages, tools, and frameworks over the years. We believe there are lessons to be learned through understanding and comparing the languages and tools suited to each project. We see the patterns and solutions that can be leveraged from one project to the next and want to add that benefit to make your project more productive. Some of the tools we've worked with include C, C++, ObjectiveC, Pascal, Python, Perl, Lisp, Ruby, Java, Postgres, Mysql, MFC, AngularJS, Mongodb, Apache, Node.js, Linux, Ruby On Rails, Sinatra, PHP, ColdFusion, as well as various testing frameworks, domain specific langauges, design patterns, web service frameworks, source code control tools, operations monitoring tools, and audio and graphical resource design tools.


Whether it's a Pascal library for statistical simulation or a Microsoft Foundation Classes desktop application from the 1990s, an ecommerce back-end database from the dot com days, a PHP, .Net, or javascript client side application from the early days of this century, or even a tutorial to help high school students learn about computer vision, we've been there and learned lessons to benefit your project. In today's world of mobile apps, client side javascript frameworks, big data warehouses, back-end scalability and high availability planning, we are able to leverage our experience to help you develop your project to meet your goals. We can help with specifics such as how and when to employ strategies like testing to failure, how to choose the right tools, how to keep project resources on track, and how to find and fix the root causes of complex software system interactions rapidly.


We have experience teaching and preparing courses in Fortune 500 engineering settings, and consulting in a wide range of industries, and bring those skills to your project to ensure you have the documentation and knowledge you need to continue the project in whatever direction circumstances take you.